4 good reasons to privilege Le Poêlon Gourmand caterer for a good and tasty hot meal:

  1.  It is often thought that a hot meal caterer will cost more than a cold buffet, because the preparation is not the same, it is necessary to coordinate the cooking, etc. And well with the Poêlon Gourmand specialist caterer of hot meals, our rates will be the same as a cold buffet, see less in some cases. Our volume of activity allows us to offer competitive rates compared to the competition
  2. The multitude of hot meals we offer will satisfy all guests. With 22 dishes on the menu, we cover virtually every part of the world. Because eating can also be akin to traveling
  3. Our catering hot meals is … how do you say … special! We serve our dishes in giant pans, which ensures you a show for your meal. Your guests will not be overwhelmed. The colors of our hot meals will delight the eyes of your guests, and the smells that escape will not fail to fill their smell.
  4.  No kitchen in your reception area? No worries, we do not need them. Indeed, all our hot meals are prepared in our central kitchen just before your event, then brought in a heating cabinet, which keeps our preparations at the right temperature for the duration of your event. A stove system also allows us to maintain the right temperature when serving in our giant pans
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