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For your corporate events, the Gourmand Poêlon offers its friendly and unifying concept!

In a relaxed and professional atmosphere, thank your guests has never been so original!
In the office, in a park, in a room, call on the Gourmand Poêlon for the success of your events! Whether it’s a one-time event or a more regular event, our catering company provides you with the best value for money for your budget. For more than 10 years now, many of our regular corporate clients have trusted us for their professional receptions.

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Everything starts from your budget

For multinationals or large companies, this is not too decisive. But for most structures that have a slightly tight budget, this is where it all starts. Indeed, a caterer at a cost and the quality of the caterer and his reputation inevitably play on the high cost of his services. However, even with a reduced budgetary margin, you can relieve yourself by using a professional caterer. The only constraint you will have is to reduce the amount of food.

In addition, it should be remembered that each caterer has its own tariff schedule. This can range from simple to quadruple depending on the services requested and the reputation of the chef.

To get a better cost of service, you can also use a caterer located near the place to host your event. By doing so, you eliminate travel costs that can sometimes be too high. If you live in Montreal, the ideal would be to refer you to a caterer in Montreal itself. Don’t forget to ask for a quote before choosing your caterer. You will have the opportunity to make a comparison between the different offers so as to play the competition.

The budget and the amount of food

The trend during a corporate event is to offer a variety of dishes. It is true that this proves how often your company knows how to give itself prestige, but you can also offer little, but impact in terms of image. Indeed, it is enough to bet on amenities such as entries, hors d’oeuvres and desert. Ask your caterer to make snacks available in multitudes of small portions and you’re done. What is important to remember is that a less gourmet buffet does not affect quality. A simple and original offer is precisely what it takes when the budget is a little tight.

Quality issue

During business events, guests put a point of honour on the quality of gastronomy. The tendency to be more exquisite dominates and you will spoil everything if you have not cut the price to this side. So demand quality in the delivery.

Choose menus that reflect your event

The choice of your menu is a big part of the success of your event. This is at the very centre of the festivities. Indeed, it is the meal you present to the guests that tells them about your image and, why not, your aspirations. If the menu is successful, it leaves a memorable memory for your guests. If so, you may print a bad memory of the evening to your guests and this will inevitably affect the reputation of your box. That’s why you need to make sure the menu is done with care.

In practical terms, insist that the proposed menu is in line with the theme chosen for the activity. This is important because it helps to maintain harmony throughout the event. For example, suppose your activity is about ecology, it would not be a good thing that the products on offer are not organic products or are not served in suitable containers. In the same way, if during your event, it is about relaxing evening or chic evening, exotic and colorful dishes will do better.

When it is about the menu, also take into account the dietary constraints of your guests. It is therefore a question of taking into account allergies, intolerances and even diets.

Design a specification

Depending on your requirements and your preference, it is advisable to make a specification to give to the caterer. In this specification, you must clearly state the image you want to broadcast during the event. So make a clear list of everything you want the different dishes to let shine. And based on your theme, set with your caterer the menu that will best suit your business.

By organizing yourself in this way, there is no reason why your requirements should not be taken into account. Better yet, you allow your caterer to flourish in your ideas and produce a quality reception. It’s your company that’s gaining prestige.

Build on the catering experience

What leads to discontent during corporate events is, among other things, the slowness of the service due to the lack of experience of the provider. That’s why you need to make sure you’ve chosen a caterer who doesn’t make his debut in the field. Ask about the number of servers he plans to use on the activity and find out what organization he plans to put in the palace.

We really enjoyed the concept of the Gourmand Poêlon. Thanks to your dynamic and friendly team we had an original and different recognition dinner from previous years.

The employees were really impressed to see the preparation of the dishes in the big frying pans. The food was excellent and the service impeccable.

Thank you for making our dinner a great success.

Bell Canada

I wanted to say a big thank you for the good meal you cooked us. I really enjoyed it and had only good feedback from my work teammates.
This meal once again contributed to the great success of this party.
It will be a pleasure to try a new dish next year!

City of Longueuil

What an original concept! The Gourmand Pan, without a doubt, contributed to the success of the tropical Christmas lunch! A variety of meals, excellent cuisine, excellent presentation, professional service. We surprised all our guests with your unique concept that simply offered a great change of scenery! Looking forward to sharing another meal with you!


Your service was impeccable, welcoming and very original! We only received good feedback from all our guests. We were pleased with the quality of the food. The Paella was a huge success! A service to recommend without hesitation!

Wedding Veronique and Antonio

If you are reading this, it means that you are looking for a caterer. Stop looking! You just found it! I chose Le Poelon for a corporate event for 285 people at Astral Media. Of all the events I have organized, it is for the Poelon Gourmand that I received the most comments. It’s unanimous that everyone loves them. This weekend, for 30 years of my daughter, I again called the Pan Gourmand. The quality of the food, presentation and service are outstanding. Employees are a kindness and exceptional professionalism The Pan Gourmand is more than a caterer, it’s an experience. I recommend it for all kinds of events and for all budgets. You won’t be disappointed.

Celine Fitzgérald

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