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The 5 advantages of the Gourmand Pan

Are you looking for an excellent caterer in your area? What if you just found him? The Gourmand Poêlon is a caterer in Montreal and its surroundings that concoct delicious dishes for private and corporate customers,and has been for many years. But the Gourmand Pan is more than just a caterer, it’s a company that is out of the ordinary, that innovates and that constantly seeks to ensure the culinary success of your event. Discover the 5 advantages of The Gourmand Pan.


1. The Gourmand Pan is versatile


30, 100, 300, 500 or even 1000 guests, the Gourmand Poêlon is used to cooking dishes for large-scale events,as for smaller events. In response to your request, we are committed to providing you with the best catering service in the region.


In addition to being able to meet all your challenges, The Gourmand Poêlon ensures its presence at many events whether they are private (birthday, wedding, baptism, housewarming, etc.) or corporate (Christmas party, employee meals, retirement, product presentation, etc.). We travel to your home, office or reception room.


2. The Gourmand Poêlon offers a menu with 1000 flavours


Of course, the main mission of The Gourmand Poelon is toensure the culinary success of your event. For this, we cook delicious and succulent dishes with multiple colors and flavors. Our chefs prepare your meals with passion and professionalism.


In addition, the Gourmand Pan offers a menu with multiple flavors, there is something for everyone. We offer twenty international culinary specialties from European, American, Asian and Oriental cuisine. In addition, we also offer side salads and salad meals, sweet and savoury bites and themed-based meals.


Did you want originality in the menu offered to your guests? You’re in the right place!


3. The Gourmand Poêlon is out of the ordinary


The Gourmand Pan knows how to easily stand out from its competition thanks to a unique service and an original and friendly concept: the giant frying pan.


All dishes from The Gourmand Pan are served at the venue in giant frying pans. These are giant stations that can feed up to 30 to 200 plates. This innovative concept brings the unique touch to your event by surprising all your guests. Your guests will be able to observe an explosion of colors and flavors in the giant pans, enough to awaken their taste buds!


4. The Gourmand Pan is practical


Do you think it’s essential to have a kitchen to be able to get hot meals from a caterer? This is not the case with the Gourmand Pan! No matter where your event takes place, we don’t need a kitchen to guarantee the warmth of our dishes.


Indeed, we have all the necessary equipment to keep your dishes warm on the way thanks to heated cabinets. In addition, on site, we have stove systems, mobile ovens or outdoor burners to warm our giant frying pans. systèmes de réchaud


You don’t take care of anything: we take care of everything for you!


5. The Gourmand Pan offers the best value for money


With the Gourmand Pan, you have quality, friendliness, originality and uniqueness on your plate and during your event, all at very affordable prices! We offer you the best value for money in the region.


Unlike our competitors, we offer hot meals at the same rates as cold meals,although it may require more work. Our volume of activity allows us to guarantee a price that is always competitive.



Would you like to benefit from our catering service and our giant frying pan concept? For this, call us today at (514) 529-9987.

We really enjoyed the concept of the Gourmand Poêlon. Thanks to your dynamic and friendly team we had an original and different recognition dinner from previous years.

The employees were really impressed to see the preparation of the dishes in the big frying pans. The food was excellent and the service impeccable.

Thank you for making our dinner a great success.

Bell Canada

I wanted to say a big thank you for the good meal you cooked us. I really enjoyed it and had only good feedback from my work teammates.
This meal once again contributed to the great success of this party.
It will be a pleasure to try a new dish next year!

City of Longueuil

What an original concept! The Gourmand Pan, without a doubt, contributed to the success of the tropical Christmas lunch! A variety of meals, excellent cuisine, excellent presentation, professional service. We surprised all our guests with your unique concept that simply offered a great change of scenery! Looking forward to sharing another meal with you!


Your service was impeccable, welcoming and very original! We only received good feedback from all our guests. We were pleased with the quality of the food. The Paella was a huge success! A service to recommend without hesitation!

Wedding Veronique and Antonio

If you are reading this, it means that you are looking for a caterer. Stop looking! You just found it! I chose Le Poelon for a corporate event for 285 people at Astral Media. Of all the events I have organized, it is for the Poelon Gourmand that I received the most comments. It’s unanimous that everyone loves them. This weekend, for 30 years of my daughter, I again called the Pan Gourmand. The quality of the food, presentation and service are outstanding. Employees are a kindness and exceptional professionalism The Pan Gourmand is more than a caterer, it’s an experience. I recommend it for all kinds of events and for all budgets. You won’t be disappointed.

Celine Fitzgérald

Pour une soumission détaillée, de 30 à 1000 personnes, appelez-nous au (514)-529-9987

Il nous fera plaisir de vous aider dans votre évènement !