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Cooking in events – issues and trends

Events is a very dynamic area of activity. Asthe experience economy changes over time, expectations are no longer the same when it comes to cooking, tasting and event animation. We present some trends to make your events unique.

A little more originality

Consumers are not just looking for a good presentation of the dishes to enjoy. The originality in the way you extend their desire to taste at your event is just as paramount. A few tips to help you.

Show Cooking

Show-making while cooking simple and fast dishes in front of your guests is a superb culinary animation increasingly used to entertain and animate evenings or event lunches. To this end, the kitchen and the tasting room of the meal are one. The guests are delighted, especially as the preparation of the meal is demystified in front of them: transparency for what they will consume.

An edible setting, what do you say?

The more we realize that we need to protect the planet, the better creativity develops. Who says the setting for an event can’t be edible? Dare the edible walls to surprise your guests. The concept is simple: to be able to consume directly what is torn from the earth, while optimizing space and breathing the freshness of nature. The straws and edible flowers that accompany the invigorating cocktails will be very popular.

Exploring new cultures without travel

Discovering new horizons is not just through travel: from home, it is possible to taste several cultures through cooking. Meals alert our entire sensory system, especially when they are unusual. For your events, explore a foreign cuisine to make a difference or vary your menus. Very spicy meals with curry or chilli, rice paper, olive oil, pasta, cheese, potatoes, and you find yourself in Asia, Latin America and everywhere else. This is a great opportunity to eat local, but varied. Even more surprising and mesmerizing, fusion cuisine is a great way to achieve a clash of cultures. It is a beautiful combination in the same dish of cuisines of various cultural origins or foreign cooking techniques. The most popular culinary fusions are Japanese-Brazilian, Japanese-Vietnamese and Franco-Japanese meals.

The anti-waste and eco-responsible trend

No one knows that planet Earth is in very bad shape. Global warming is proof of this enough to push us to act against this foreseeable destruction. The event also goes, because from now on, a cuisine that is not respectful of the environment does not contribute to the sustainability of the planet. All aspects of the event agree to organize you the least polluting event possible.

It all starts with the meeting place: easy access to all is very important, especially when the event is organized in an existing building.

Eco-responsible dishes follow. It is easy to understand why plastic dishes are being used less and less in the kitchen, in favour of hard material containers such as glass or reusable porcelain. Waste is also experiencing a sharp regression,as no more leftovers are thrown away. Associations for the poor, orphans, the homeless and others make good use of it. The cuisine itself is made with100% organic ingredients and is very respectful of the planet.

An eco-responsible communication is sought to surround the event. Physical communication tools end up in the trash very quickly, while going through digital channels will make it easier and faster to reach your target without creating waste. Finally, the reusable decoration is a very good party for an eco-responsible event.

Innovation at the rendezvous

Do you think the event world is stable? Like all aspects of life, the kitchen evolves, and the way to attract and rekindle the interest of diners with. So try new ways to surprise your guests.

Events in unusual places are becoming more and more popular. Abandoned old railway stations, a former factory, a warehouse or an old hospital are coming back to life, and in the most spectacular way.

Instead of the traditional banquet, try the bars for your events. Since some diners would like to settle for small bites or cups to be able to continue the conversation, the bars of teas, fermented drinks, oysters, detox juice, salads or any small dish or drink will do just fine. Enjoying both healthy and fast food: this is what you want.

The event relies much more on the view of the guests. The other senses can also be exploited to bring the missing touch to move. Don’t hesitate to use your imagination and creativity to titillate everyone on all sensory levels.

The trend towards crudivorism is also becoming more and more widespread. Eating raw satiated faster and retaining plenty of vitamins. Serve sushi or Raw Fish Bowls Pokés to your guests and let them marvel at this cocktail of sensations, tastes, textures and colours.

Flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan? To your taste buds!

This year, a change in food trends is remarkably fashionable. You have to be able to satisfy all mouths, especially vegans.

Veganism has more and more followers, whose outlook on meat consumption has changed. Vegan citizens do not eat any meat, and especially no animal products. To satisfy them, vegetable proteins will have to be in the spotlight, as well as gluten-free, dairy-free and cereal-free diets. It is no longer a question of being a specialist in vegan cuisine, but this type of cuisine has become a generality and expected at all events. Inclusive vegetable milk menus and herbal diets are highly valued and sought after.

Nevertheless, presenting typically vegan meals might seem like a stand against diners who have not imposed a diet. Planning meals with and without meat for your event will allow each other to feel included, understood and will strengthen the spirit of cohesion between you. Better yet, knowing the tastes of your target audience will benefit you and will be able to guide you in the composition of the menu.

We really enjoyed the concept of the Gourmand Poêlon. Thanks to your dynamic and friendly team we had an original and different recognition dinner from previous years.

The employees were really impressed to see the preparation of the dishes in the big frying pans. The food was excellent and the service impeccable.

Thank you for making our dinner a great success.

Bell Canada

I wanted to say a big thank you for the good meal you cooked us. I really enjoyed it and had only good feedback from my work teammates.
This meal once again contributed to the great success of this party.
It will be a pleasure to try a new dish next year!

City of Longueuil

What an original concept! The Gourmand Pan, without a doubt, contributed to the success of the tropical Christmas lunch! A variety of meals, excellent cuisine, excellent presentation, professional service. We surprised all our guests with your unique concept that simply offered a great change of scenery! Looking forward to sharing another meal with you!


Your service was impeccable, welcoming and very original! We only received good feedback from all our guests. We were pleased with the quality of the food. The Paella was a huge success! A service to recommend without hesitation!

Wedding Veronique and Antonio

If you are reading this, it means that you are looking for a caterer. Stop looking! You just found it! I chose Le Poelon for a corporate event for 285 people at Astral Media. Of all the events I have organized, it is for the Poelon Gourmand that I received the most comments. It’s unanimous that everyone loves them. This weekend, for 30 years of my daughter, I again called the Pan Gourmand. The quality of the food, presentation and service are outstanding. Employees are a kindness and exceptional professionalism The Pan Gourmand is more than a caterer, it’s an experience. I recommend it for all kinds of events and for all budgets. You won’t be disappointed.

Celine Fitzgérald

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