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How do I organize a catering event for a successful corporate event?

Is it possible to contract COVID-19 by eating dishes delivered by a restaurant, a relative or by buying its products in grocery stores and other shops?? This is a question that many people are probably asking themselves in this time of health crisis. It is true that most restaurants, delivery services, grocery stores try to reassure about the measures taken to strengthen hygiene rules when handling food,cooking dishes or delivery. But what does it really all about?? Elements of answers in this article.


How is coronavirus transmitted??


Based on the information on Health Canada’s website, we can say that COVID-19 contamination is caused by prolonged close personal contact with an infected person,such as direct contact or a handshake. This is why it is recommended to keep a distance of more than one meter with sick people and to wash your hands to reduce the risks.

The virus is transmitted by respiratory droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes or flies. It is through these postillons that the virus spreads through the air, on objects and surfaces. This leads to contamination by contact with infected surfaces,followed by hand contact with the mouth, nose or eyes before washing hands. And this latest mode of transmission which is mainly questioned in the case of food and ready meals.

According to data provided by WHO, the COVID-19 virus can survive for some time on inert surfaces (between 3 a.m. and 3 days). But its lifespan on the said surface depends on the nature of the surface associated with other parameters such as temperature, ambient humidity, the amount of virus deposited… This is why certain precautions must be taken when preparing meals,whether at the restaurant or at home, as well as during delivery and at the grocery store.


Food, ready meals and Covid-19: the precautions to take in the kitchen


The likelihood of a person infected with coronavirus contaminating food when preparing or handling it is very high. This is why it is recommended to sneeze or cough in your elbow while moving away from food, and just after washing your hands. It’s the same if you blow your nose. In fact, it would be best for anyone who has symptoms or is ill to avoid preparing meals or handling food for others. In short, whether you’re preparing your own dishes or someone else is doing it, remember that it’s during food handling that contamination is possible.


Wash your hands and work surfaces


Fortunately, the coronavirus virus is susceptible to disinfectants that we usually use, such as bleach and soap. Therefore, to limit the risk of spread, you should always wash your hands,and this, at least 20 seconds in soapy water before, during and after the preparation of meals. Similarly, cleaning preparation surfaces and utensils is just as essential.

Also, whether at home or in a restaurant, always have the reflex to make sure that the person who gives you your dish or who handles the utensils and plates has washed their hands beforehand.


Cook food well


The coronavirus virus does not survive food cooking temperatures. Cooking food well (meat, vegetables, fish, etc.) is therefore a systematic gesture to adopt in addition to hygiene measures such as hand washing. For fruits and vegetables that cannot be cooked, they should be wiped and washed thoroughly with water. If necessary, do not hesitate to peel them. For raw foods, they should be handled with care. It is important to avoid mixing cooked and raw foods to avoid cross-contamination.


What are the things to do at the grocery store??


As we have already seen a little above, the coronavirus virus can survive a few hours to a few days on inert surfaces. Precautions should be taken when handling products and packaging at grocery stores, supermarkets or any other business. Like what:

  • Touch only the foods and products you want to buy?;
  • Disinfect the bar in the grocery basket or possibly wear gloves before holding it?;
  • Always wash your hands before touching your face, mouth and eyes?;
  • Respect a metre of social distance with other customers


Coronavirus: What precautions for food delivery??


For those who are delivered food or prefer to take home, it is recommended to make sure to wash their hands after handling the packaging and before eating. And still not precautionary measure, you can also empty the food delivered in your own plates or utensils. It would also be nice not to get in touch with the delivery driver or to respect the social distance of at least 1.5 m.

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