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Quebec delivery guide (Covid-19)



The current pandemic around the world is forcing everyone to take exceptional action. Because of the confinement and the limitation of movement of populations to the strict minimum, the latter are forced to review some of their habits. With dining out of business and the fear of ending up in places with high infection potential such as supermarkets and shops, most people are now opting for deliveries. How is it going in the province of Quebec and who are the major distributors?

Usefulness of delivery options in the face of the pandemic


The need for certain commodities and products has not disappeared with the pandemic and could not be. Other needs have even been added to these.
Indeed, despite the pandemic, life must run its course and certain things cannot be put on hold. Eating for example is an imperative to survive and not a matter of choice. And since provisions can’t last forever, you need to be able to renew them as frequently as possible.
People also need to be able to continue trying to live as normal as possible. Playing games with family or those in confinement, DIY or other recreational activities is a good way to keep busy while reducing stress. Another useful and practical way to live better containment is the practice of physical exercises. So if you don’t have the equipment to do all of this, you can get it through the delivery services offered by a few local businesses.


Organization of deliveries in Quebec from Covid-19


With the crisis, some companies offering food products or materials and equipment have organized themselves in Quebec to facilitate the supply of populations. However, the conditions of sale and delivery vary from one to the other. While some of them bring your orders to your doorstep, others limit their deliveries to distribution points near you and fixed in advance. But some of these companies make you move to their branches closest to you while leaving you the possibility of being served from your vehicle. Some of them charge you for delivery charges while others do not after a certain order level or on social grounds such as age. Deliveries are also sometimes conditioned by the purchase amount.

Grocery companies that still deliver to Quebec

Aside from Super C, whose online grocery service has been suspended for the time being, you have the option of ordering anything you want for consumer goods from Maxi and provigo. These 2 supermarkets continue to supply all possible groceries during this pandemic period. However, they do not deliver to homes and require purchases of at least $ 30 to offer their delivery services. The time to receive your ordered products varies on this date between 2 and 7 days due to the volume of orders they receive.


Retail stores in Quebec


The Costco store does not impose any purchase amount on its customers and allows you to access your orders in no more than 2 days. It does not charge you anything for delivery when your order is at least $ 75. However, below this amount, you must pay a delivery fee of 3 dollars on each item ordered.
The Canadian Tire store, on the other hand, delivers to you in 1 or 2 days and charges you at least $ 4.99 for delivery.


Other Quebec businesses for deliveries


Saq, your Quebec liquor company, for example, continues to supply you with liqueurs of all kinds at attractive prices. And while it also doesn’t deliver to your home, it makes it half the way by making your orders available at post offices near where you live. Therefore, when you order your products, you no longer have a long way to go to take possession of it once it is ready.
Other small businesses are also trying to help Quebecers limit the risk of contamination by delivering to homes or nearby. This is the case for some Laval traders.
The other businesses with very important delivery services are pharmacies. And to make containment measures bearable, they almost all make deliveries which are even free when it comes to prescriptions.

Survival of this pandemic involves, among other things, eating well and practicing activities.


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